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Then Until Now
Christo Louw

Christo Louw

Hi my name is Christo Louw, my good friend Ollie and I, started Function Music Services back in 1994. We chose our company name to convey the importance of having all your music needs for any type of function covered for an event. And we wanted every client to experience full sound. Hence…Function Music Services,

Tjaart Olivier

Tjaart Olivier

In 2005 I decided to form a professional company and recruited my best friend and work colleague at that time, Ollie to join in. Ollie Dj’ed for www.toucandance.co.za from 1995 to 2000 and they then decided to close down Toucandance has since opened up again for business.

How We Started

I purchased my first “professional” sound system from Gigster Music in Pretoria for R2000, least back then I thought it was professional!

24 years later our excitement, passion, and investment in the wedding industry have all grown 100%. Since that R2000 sound system our sound systems is now worth well over R160 000 and that should matter to you in the decision-making process. Our systems sound better, look better, and are more likely to work every time. And as the owner of a DJ company I am able to focus on quality vs. quantity. You are not just “another wedding or function” to us. We have a vested interest in every event we are a part of. Our reputation and livelihood depend on it. We always ask ourselves, “If this was my event, what would I do to make it better?” “How can we make this Wedding something that you, your family, and guests will remember forever?”

Even though We’ve been Wedding Specialist DJ ‘s for 24 years, we struggle calling ourselves Wedding DJ’s! To us, what we do is so much more than that. If we had to nail down our job description, it would include Wedding Coordinator/Director, Master of Ceremonies, Idea sharer, Listener, Music programmer, Sound guy, and Stress-reliever (that’s true-I once had a bride tell me that she stressed over every one of her vendors except me. I will never forget that).

You get the best in Gauteng / South africa, and are not forced to choose from among 13 DJ’s who are either inexperienced trainees or bored, unmotivated DJ’s clocking in for the job. Every event feels different to us. Every song we play has a purpose. We truly love what We do. We’ll probably get as much satisfaction from being a part of your event as you will from our services.

After visiting our website, you’ll have a better understanding of how to hire a DJ, what to look for, and what separates our company from all the others. Whether you hire us or not, We’d like you to get a sense of what the wedding DJ industry is supposed to be like. There is an enormous difference from one DJ to the next. Please take time to review the information & videos included. Knowing this information can make such a difference in who you hire, what happens at your event, and how you feel about it all afterwards.

In 2005 I decided to form a professional company and recruited my best friend and work colleague at that time, Ollie to join in. Ollie Dj’ed for www.toucandance.co.za from 1995 to 2000 and they then decided to close down Toucandance has since opened up again for business.

Ollie since has gained a lot of experience in the audio visual field and handles all our video and lighting equipment on all our shows. He also helps out when I need to take a break and he is really good with rigging our system. He is very concerned with detail and does all the wire control and trimmings to make our rig look neat and professional.

We started buying all new equipment and Professional Intelligent lighting and did a fair bit of research on what potential clients are looking for and what the DJ trends are these days and

“BANG!!” here we are a few years later and we are one of the leading Wedding DJ companies on the web in and around Pretoria and Gauteng.

Function Music Services Was Born

August 1997

The Rest is History

I started playing music and took guitar lessons at the very young age of 14 in 1988. I got my first Electric Guitar, a Fender Stratocaster on my 16th birthday. By that time I joined a band called “ELSABATH” and played Country Music for the next 3 years until 1991. In this band I Played Guitar, Bass Guitar , Drums and Banjo depending on what song we played. We played various towns and had great success in those days.

After that I’ve played in a “Cover Band” “Sunset Revival” with Shane Hartnick in Pubs and Clubs up until 1994 and this is where my love for a variety of music really started. In 1995 at the age of 20 I was invited by a female friend to help out at a Promotion she asked me to perform a few songs while she works over the clients. The reaction was so huge that the owner of the local hotel hired me on the spot to play at the hotel lounge the next Saturday unfortunately this was only a once off gig as I was only visiting my parents.

By now the Music bug bit and he bit hard. I there and then decided to form my own One Man Band and buy my own equipment. So I started saving hard earned money and by 1996 I Bought my first sound rig, mixer, speakers, lights everything. This was one of the proudest moments in my life so far !!!. Then the jamming started much to the annoyance of my neighbors.

By April 1997 I got my first solo gig and started doing the Pub Scene in Pretoria. I played in pubs like Sharon’s Pub, Ajays Pub, Big Five Pub, Barrel And Grill, Sages, Die Grasdak, Oaklahomen Pub and The Bundu Inn.

The longest run was at Sharon’s Pub where I performed and DJ ‘ed for 3 years, Every Friday and Saturday. This pub was a new venture and I helped building a very big client base. About 400 people came to see me perform every weekend. This was the best time of my life.

During my time as Pub Singer I was approached by various brides to be, to play at their weddings. And I also got a lot of requests to do birthday parties and other types of functions. And soon the focus started shifting from band to DJ. By the end of 1997 I started taking gigs as a full time Mobile DJ or Mobile Disco as we called it in those days.

My first Gig was the best gig ever, it was at the SAPS lapa in Pretoria North and the guests were so full of life they literally stood waiting on the dance floor for the next song to start. I couldn’t ask for a better first gig it was like a dream come true.

During this time I played a lot of weddings and birthday parties and even went back to the pubs from time to time.