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Here are 4 things to look for when choosing your Wedding and Party DJ.

If you are planning and preparing for your special wedding or party, you know that the music you choose for your wedding reception is an important part in the success of a wonderful memorable wedding.

For this important reason, you should choose your Wedding and Party DJ with great care, for the DJ is the one service provider who will make the party happen the way you want it to.

1. Hire an Experienced DJ

Unlike other DJ’s in clubs and bars, who cater to a certain audience, wedding DJ’s have to be smart enough to play to a wide variety of guest demographics and in different wedding settings. And the more years he has DJ’d, the better.

2. Hire a DJ with a Good Reputation

Ask for references from previous clients, and visit the wedding DJ’s website to get a real idea for the reputation he has in your province or town. Previous clients should be willing to tell you about the wedding DJ’s professionalism, passion for music, and service at their wedding or party.

3. Hire a DJ that allows you “Hands-on” Control

A good DJ will be sensitive to your instructions and allow you hands-on control of your wedding play list: after all, it’s your wedding and you have special songs you would like to have played at certain big moments.

4. Make sure your Wedding DJ is Reliable

Previous clients should be able to tell you about the DJ’s reliability. He should arrive about 2 hours before the event and then stay for the full time agreed upon in the contract: no exceptions. A really good DJ (like us) will have backup equipment like us and entertainment on site in the unlikely event of equipment failure Your wedding is only one day: make it a wedding party to remember for the rest of your life by taking time for research and then hire the BEST wedding and party DJ in Gauteng. FUNCTION MUSIC SERVICES

Here is 10 Reasons why your wedding guests are not dancing:

Over the past 22 years I have noticed the diversity in guest behavior from wedding to wedding. At one wedding you’ll have guests on the dance floor all the time and you can literally play anything they WILL dance and keep dancing until dawn if you let them. Luckily these kind of weddings happen along regularly but, on the other hand…..

Then there is that dreaded wedding where the guests stare at you like there’s a sound proof barrier between you and them and no matter what you play from 60’s, Classic pop, Golden Oldies, Rock, Afrikaans, Top 40 even all the hit songs that gave you great success at previous weddings and parties, they just sit there and look at you!

At a wedding the DJ will have a crowd of about 50 to 150 people ranging in age from 12 to 90 with a diverse taste in music now the wedding DJ’s job is to entertain ALL these people. Notice that I used the word entertain and not keep everyone on the dance floor for a very good reason.

At almost all weddings you will have 50% smokers(who will be outside for half the night – we have our country’s strict smoking laws to thank for that) 15% of the guests will hang out the bar, and that leaves the DJ about 35% of the guests. Of the remaining 35% of people 10% of them will just want to chat (they’re either too old, or haven’t seen each other in ages and just want to chill). So the DJ is left with about 25% of guests who will want to spend the evening on the dance floor, 10% of them will dance to just about anything the DJ plays (which makes it easy, right?) WRONG! The art lies in entertaining 100% of the crowd

So I started analysing all the factors that will influence people not to dance at your wedding and here’s what I found…..

1. The tough South African Smoking laws half the crowd mingles outside while smoking. And when their smoking buddies join them they will often light up 2-3 cigarettes while chatting outside.

2. The Bar is outside the function hall and the people hanging out at the bar cannot see the dance floor and couldn’t care less.

3. If there was a recent death or traumatic event in the family people tend to be more conservative and out of respect thinks they should not have good time.

4. The condition of the dance floor, if it’s a rough surface or brick paving people tend to dance less to avoid injury or discomfort.

5. The DJ has NO light show, this is a very important factor, dance lighting sets the scene and gets everybody in a dance and party mood. Couples that I consult with before weddings, tells me of bad experiences they had at other weddings and the first question I ask is, “did the DJ have lighting?” And 90% of the time they reply with a NO. The other 10% is just bad DJ’ing or wrong song choices.

6. Weather can play a big part in the success of your wedding party. When it is extremely cold or your dance floor is outdoors people will be reluctant to dance. The same goes for extremely hot days people don’t want sweat in their finest clothes

7. Stage Fright – some couples do not want to dance alone, because at weddings everybody stares at the dance floor for entertainment, you’ll notice that as soon as there’s is a couple on the dance floor soon others will follow.

8. Alcohol prices – If the booze is cheap the “social lubricant” flows and you have more “loose” and lively people. (well not always there’s nothing wrong with a sober party)

9. Table placement – If you place your DJ near the guests or far away from the dance floor some of your guests might not enjoy the party as much.

10. The people you invite – If you invite ALL your uncles and aunts an less of your friends you will have a dead party, but if you invite guests that you know will party the night away obvious ly your wedding party will better.

Written By – DJ Christo Louw WEDDING DJ GAUTENG

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