Wedding DJ Equipment

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Wedding DJ Equipment 

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A wedding DJ, Mobile Disk Jockey is very different from a club DJ. There are many mobile DJs around that consider this their primary career but at this stage we are doing it part time but take great pride in what we do. We can compete with all the big DJ companies and in some instances we can provide an even better service than some of the big DJ companies around.

mobile DJ’s like Function Music Services travel with our own sound equipment and play a wide variety of pre-recorded music, on a variety of functions and Parties, for a diverse audience and a mixed age group. Mobile and Wedding DJs usually tend to work at private functions such as wedding receptions, year end functions and social occasions. Along with this, we are also seen in bars, discos, or even corporate parties. Unlike a normal club DJ that plays only one kind of music, mobile DJs like us often play more mainstream and current hits from multiple genres and we often take requests.

The most important part of equipment that is required by mobile DJ’s for performance consists of sound recordings in preferred medium, which is often CD’s or mp3’s. Along with this, a good reliable laptop computer with professional DJ software for the playback of sound recordings are also needed for the purpose of alternating back and forth to create continuous playback. A sound system for amplification of the songs is required for broadcasting the music. A portable audio system or a radio wave broadcaster would adequately perform the role of the same. You would also need good quality, good looking modern speakers. We steer away from the dull wooden, matted speakers from the 80’s we rather use the new generation plastic molded high performance speakers.A good wireless or cordless microphone wil make things safer and easier for speeches and there is no. wire to tape to the ground

Apart from this, a DJ may need a mixer that is used to mix the sound of the computer and a microphone that is used to amplify the human voice. Headphones used to listen to one recording while the other is playing, without transmitting the sound to the audience is also strongly recommended, but not required. Other equipment may also be added. These include drum machines, samplers, effects processors, and computerized performance systems.

Increase in the demand for such mobile equipment has led to an increase in the production of the same. Today, we find a number of companies offering customized mobile equipments that suit mobile DJs needs. Information regarding the same can be obtained online through magazines and numerous websites dedicated to the subject.

Wedding Dj Lighting is also a very important part of the outfit and enough adequate lighting can make or break your party, I have done a study over the past 2 years and every time people tell my they where at a wedding where the DJ was bad it cam out that they had no. lighting equipment. Though it is important not to let the wedding look like a nightclub it is also important to set the mood for dancing and without lights the dance floor looks dead and unattractive

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