1. What kind of music do you play on Weddings and Other Functions ?

We will follow your guidance and play list closely as far as possible and we also give you a complete event information document before the function to help us understand your music needs,  but we can never tell before a Wedding or Function exactly what music will be played. We don’t know your guests and there are many things that can influence the dance. We are trained to sum up the audience and choose music accordingly. To say before hand how many waltzes, Pop, Top 40 or Rock etc will be played, will only be a lie. 

2. What can influence the dance ?

The size and smoothness of the dance floor Warm or cold Weather Number of younger or older guests that you invite. DJ table placement (we prefer no guests between us and the dance floor because the sound, lights and smoke might irritate them and spoil there experience at your wedding. We also lose contact with the crowd and cannot read facial expressions, body language etc. The time the dance floor is opened anything after 22:00 is fatal Liquor prices if your liquor is expensive normally the guests will leave early. The general spirit “gees” of a wedding can also be influenced by a recent traumatic event in the family .  

3. What kind of background music do you play during the dinner ?

We have 3 basic kind of background music, Your easy listening music like The Carpenters, Abba, Michael Learns To Rock, Danna Winner,  Westlife, Arno Caarstens, Nianell, Savage Garden type music. And then we have the instrumentals like Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Pan flute etc. The 3rd kind is classical music and we use this only for very formal events or on request.

4. Can we give a long list of music we want played ?

Yes, you may and we use it as guideline but we discourage it. One very important thing to remember is that the bridal couple are very busy on the night, greeting, chatting etc. and they rarely get a chance to dance. Now they choose the music, the guests maybe don’t like the selection and the worst is the bridal couple don’t even dance. Now the DJ and the poor guests are stuck with a list that doesn’t work. So when you choose musc for your wedding keep in mind that 70% of your music choices MUST be for your guests and the other 30% your own personal choice of music. You know your guests better than us so its up to you to help us make them happy music wise

5. Can we at least make a short list of the incoming and opening song and a few of our favorite songs and also a list of our dislikes? 

Yes Please with pleasure. The list of music that you don’t want to hear is the most important on the wedding, we will provide you with an event information document to make all your formal music choices like

Background music in the chapel
Bridesmaids walk in
Bride walk in

Entering Reception Hall
First Dance
Speacial dances
Garter Toss
Bouquet Toss
Last Dance

6. Is it possible for somebody to sing with your microphone? 

Yes it’s possible. We use full vocal mixing desks and we also do sound for artists like Heinz Wincler, Robbie Wessels, Mathys Roets etc. We have 2 Wireless – Cordless Handheld Microphones, A cordless lapel microphone for the preacher and a headset for guitarists and singers and 2 Wired Shure microphone. If you need more we will provide more at an extra fee.

7. There is a band playing on our wedding as well. Do you allow them to play over your speakers? 

Normally not. But if there’s no other choice we can make a plan. Please give us enough notice beforehand because some of the needs of a band differ from a normal DJ and we need to quote you on that and be prepared on the day.

8. How loud do you play and are the speakers large enough for 300 guests? 

We normally play too soft. It is more acceptable for us if the guests ask to play louder than to ask us to turn the sound a little bit down. Yes our speakers can accommodate 300 guests with comfort. We’ve got systems that can accommodate up to 1000 guests. It just has to be discussed before the time because there are extra costs involved.

9. What do the DJ’s wear?

We normally wear a neat black collard shirt and black pants and  black shoes that go with the outfit.

10. Can you do the sound and music in the chapel or church?

Yes. It is free and included in the main Quotation if the Chapel is on the same premises as the reception. If not the chapel service will cost you extra.  We set up a microphone for the ceremony and we can play the wedding march etc. We don’t provide hymns and psalms on CD. You are more than welcome to self provide.

11. Do we have to seat the DJ’s with the guests or on their own table?

All the DJ’s prefer to sit at the by the disco and eat. We must handle the microphone so many times that it’s too much of a hassle to jump up every time someone wants to use the microphone. He must also handle the background music any way. You can just ask the venue to provide him with cutlery, salt & Pepper PLEASE !!

12. What do you need at the venue?

We are easy. There must be a table ready when we arrive at a suitable place where you want us to sit preferably arranged with the venue before the time. The table must have a tablecloth We have our own cables and adapters 2 comfortable chairs and cutlery.

13. Do we have to provide him with food and drinks?

Yes food, it’s not necessary to pay for his drinks unless you want to.

14. We also want to give you CD’s that you must play. May we and when must we give them?

You can give them to the DJ on the night of the wedding. The songs that you want played must be marked on the inside of the CD’s cover. It’s your own responsibility to give to the DJ and collect the CD’s afterwards.

15. What time do you arrive at the venue?

We normally arrive 2 hours before service starts. In other words if you get married 16:00 in the chapel, then the DJ sets up the disco at 14:00 in the venue. This allows for time should there be technical problems to sort out before your dream day starts

16. If you are doing our sound and music in the chapel, what time will you be arriving? 

The DJ’s are required to start setting up 1 hour prior to the service time. Again it only takes him 40 minutes to set up.

17. What do you need in the chapel?

One table with tablecloth and and two chairs. near a power point

18. Can the guests ask for requests to be played? 

Yes. We prefer it like that then we can get a better idea of what the people like.

19. Do you disturb the groom with sounds and vulgar stuff during his speech? 

No, but we do put him down but with original stuff. Only a few people have heard it before. We almost took all the funny stuff off the Internet. It is excellent and funny. You are welcome to ask that we don’t put him off at all

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